My name is Megan, and I’m a PhD Candidate in Chemistry, helping out with our union and serving as our union’s interim Financial Secretary. I’m emailing to let you know that our first-ever union bylaws have been ratified by membership after a week-long membership vote, with 96% voting yes. The final bylaws can be found here.

Membership Deadline April 10th: Now that our bylaws are in effect, the next step is for everyone to officially sign up to become a dues-paying member of the union! Every grad worker currently working as a TA, RA, AL, or internal fellow in a STEM field must sign up as a member – or opt out of membership – by April 10th.
Membership dues and agency fees go into effect in April, and a majority of grad workers are choosing to pay membership dues (1.44% of gross pay) instead of the agency fee (1.18% of gross pay).

After voting overwhelmingly to form a union, participating in mass action to win a first contract, and voting to ratify the contract, signing up for membership is the next step that a majority of grad workers are taking to build our union’s strength and power. Dues and fees fund crucial union actions such as contract enforcement, organizing, and member-to-member education.

If you have any questions about membership, please reply to this email or reach out to a worker leader in your department. There’s also a helpful FAQ linked here.

Join the majority – sign up for membership here!

International GSW Legal Fund: As of this week, the International GSW Legal Fund has officially been established. This new fund, which grad workers fought hard to win in our new union contract, is funded by USC and will provide up to $1000 in financial assistance to international grad workers who lose visa status. In this early stage, grad workers who need to apply to the fund should reach out directly to or fill out the below form.

Workplace Issue Reporting Form: The Workplace Issue Reporting Form is now live. If, at any time, you believe that your rights under the contract have been violated, you can fill out this form and a fellow grad worker will be in touch. If you have a more general workplace concern or aren’t sure whether or not the contract has been violated, feel free to fill out the form anyway. This form will be live on the website soon as well.

In solidarity,
Megan Cassingham