This is Maggie from Sociology, also the interim President of our union. I’m writing with a couple of important union bylaws updates in advance of this week’s Monthly Membership Meeting.

10 bylaws amendments were submitted to review during the next Monthly Membership Meeting, coming up this Thursday, February 29 at 5:30 PM. The amendments have been compiled here.

During the meeting, we will vote to incorporate the bylaws amendments using the following procedure: each amendment will receive 4.5 minutes for debate, with 45 seconds allotted per speaker. Each side (pro or con) is allotted 3 speakers. This is to make sure both sides get to speak and that each amendment gets fair deliberation time during the meeting. The draft agenda of the MMM can be found here

In the Membership meeting, we will be voting on whether we want to incorporate these amendments before voting on the bylaws as a whole from February 29 – March 7th. Bylaws will shape our union for years to come, so make plans to attend the meeting if you’re able to give your input. RSVP here!

In solidarity,