My name is Anna Haynie and I’m a 6th-year in the Physics department and a member of the bargaining team. I’m writing to tell you that over 500 GSWs participated in the Last Chance Picket across 3 entrances at UPC and one at HSC yesterday to give USC one last chance to give us a fair deal before we call for a strike. GSWs from every department showed up and showed out for our fight.

GSWs picketing at the Expo/Trousdale Metro Entrance at UPC

On the picket lines, one thing was clear: GSWs are fed up with USC’s refusal to move on a livable wage, grievable protections against harassment and discrimination, and the right to a strong union – and we’re ready to walk off the job to get them.

GSWs picketing in front of the Jefferson/Trousdale entrance at UPC

Now, the clock is ticking. USC has until November 28th to offer us a fair contract and stop committing unfair labor practices. If they fail to do so, GSWs will strike starting Tuesday, November 28th. Up until the first day of a strike, administration has the power to agree to a fair contract and keep USC running.

Our bargaining team has met with USC admin every time they were available, and will continue to do so. We have pushed for more sessions, but their team has not been amenable, claiming it’s “hard to schedule.” Currently, USC administration has 2 more opportunities on the 13th and 20th to offer us a fair deal, in which case our bargaining team will call off the strike.

Otherwise, GSWs will walk off the job. Last chance, or it’s lights out on November 28th.

GSWs picketing outside of the Downey Entrance at UPC

To pull off a successful strike, hundreds of GSWs at the picket lines yesterday signed up as strike captains. Strike captains will lead a successful strike by organizing our coworkers to join the strike, show up to the picket line, and participate in strike actions. 

Sign up as a strike capatain here!

Let’s build on our momentum and win an incredible contract!

GSWs picketing at the Pappas Quad at HSC

In solidarity,

Anna Haynie

P.S. – On Friday, 11/17 at 3pm in EEB 132, attend the International GSW “Know Your Rights” Town Hall to learn more about your protections and what to expect, and ask questions to a panel of GSW organizers from across campus. RSVP here!