My name is Ashlin, and I’m a second-year DMA and Teaching Assistant in the Composition Department in the Thornton School of Music, also helping out with our union. I’m emailing to remind you about today’s “Last Chance Picket,” and to ask you to join me and hundreds of other GSWs at this crucial action.

Today is a huge day. By showing up for two-hour shifts and holding steady picket lines all day, Graduate Student Workers will show USC administration that we’re ready to walk off the job later this month if they don’t come to the table with fair offers on wages, Nondiscrimination, and Union Security

Picketing will take place from 10am-4pm on the University Park Campus, and from 12-2pm on the Health Sciences Campus. Remember to wear your GSWOC shirt (or if you don’t have one yet, wear red) and to wear sunscreen! Below, you can find your picket location based on your department. 

Exposition Blvd location (“Expo”): Earth Sciences, ECE, Computer Science, Physics, MEB, Price, IEB, Marshall, Social Work, Spatial Sciences

Vermont Ave location (“KAP”): Biology of Aging, AME, Neuroscience, BME, CEE, Math, MFD, ASTE, ISE, MCB, QCB, Psychology, Chemistry, Economics, Gerontology

Jefferson Blvd location (“Leavey”): CSLC, EALC, Music, Linguistics, ASE, POIR, English, Anthropology, SCA, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Art History, Classics, Annenberg, Rossier, Religion, Roski, SLL

Health Sciences Campus location: Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Keck/PIBBS, Occupational Science, Pharmacy, PPHS, HSC Neuroscience/BME/ECE

I look forward to seeing you there!


In solidarity,