My name is Anand, and I’m a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department. I’m emailing to let you know that Strike Authorization voting is now live!


I’ll be voting YES alongside thousands of other Graduate Student Workers across USC. A successful Strike Authorization Vote will authorize our bargaining team to call a strike in the future if circumstances justify it. The bargaining team has unanimously recommended a YES vote, citing USC administration’s unlawful bargaining behavior and failure to make proposals that meet the needs of us Graduate Student Workers. 

I’m voting YES because I think USC needs to compensate us fairly and that we shouldn’t have to worry about making next month’s rent. USC administration’s current proposals — which would keep wages low, limit parents from receiving childcare support, keep GSWs from having a strong union, and prevent GSWs from filing a grievance when we face discrimination or harassment in the workplace — are completely unacceptable. Now is the time to show USC admin that GSWs are prepared to walk off the job for a livable wage and a just workplace!

If you have questions about the Strike Authorization Vote, feel free to reply to this email, reach out to your department leaders, and check out this helpful FAQ.

Let’s go win a great first contract!
In solidarity,
Anand Balakrishnan