My name is Ashley Lehr, and I’m a 4th year in PIBBS. I’m also a member of the GSWOC-UAW bargaining team. I’m writing today to let you know that the Strike Authorization Vote (SAV) dates have been set for October 24th-26th.

Graduate Student Workers’ proposals lay out a vision for a stronger and more just USC: fair wages, real recourse for GSWs facing harassment and discrimination, and a union shop. USC administration has made it clear that they do not share this vision. Admin’s current position on Nondiscrimination is truly insulting; they want to carve out discrimination, harassment, and bullying from being enforceable under the contract. Unfortunately, USC admin has also chosen to commit unfair labor practices that unlawfully impede GSWs’ good-faith efforts to reach an agreement on a first contract.

USC administration’s actions have left GSWs with no choice but to begin preparing for a strike. On Thursday, September 28th, hundreds of Graduate Student Workers (GSWs) participated in a Mass Membership Meeting. During this meeting, hundreds called on the bargaining team to set dates for a Strike Authorization Vote later this month, followed by a last chance action in November.

The SAV dates are officially set and the clock is ticking: every GSW will have a chance to vote to authorize a strike later this month from October 24th-26th. Voting will take place online; you’ll receive a link the morning of October 24th, and the link will also be posted on the GSWOC-UAW website. For more information on the SAV, check out this helpful FAQ and reach out to leaders in your department.

Join me in committing to vote YES on Day One of the Strike Authorization Vote! If we stick together, we GSWs can win a great first contract.