Happy first day of the Fall semester! My name is Sayan Ghosh, I’m a 2nd year in the Computer Science department, and I’m a member of the GSWOC-UAW bargaining team. I’m writing to provide an update from last Thursday’s bargaining session. In addition to this update, feel free to follow bargaining through the bargaining portal and tracker.


  • USC’s proposal on nondiscrimination would prevent those who face workplace harassment, discrimination, and bullying from filing a grievance under the contract, forcing them to only use USC-controlled processes when seeking recourse. The bargaining team countered with “hell no” to that idea last Thursday.
  • USC administration also passed an unacceptable offer on Immigration & Work Authorization. Admin is showing that they believe that international GSWs do not need nor deserve any additional support, and we GSWs have to show that this won’t stand.
  • Overall, USC admin wants a contract that limits GSWs’ workplace rights and doesn’t allow GSWs to enforce the protections we win at the table. 
  • The United for Workplace Justice letter and rally are a great way to show admin that GSWs are fired up and ready to do what it takes to win a fair contract – sign on and RSVP here!

Over the course of the last two bargaining sessions, USC admin has, after a two-month delay, finally responded to key GSW demands on Immigration & Work Authorization, Nondiscrimination, and Union Rights. Their responses all share one key theme: USC admin wants to avoid agreeing to a contract that includes enforceable protections.

Admin’s proposal on nondiscrimination was completely unacceptable. It would prevent GSWs who face workplace discrimination / harassment from filing a grievance under the contract, forcing GSWs to only use USC-controlled processes. In our counterproposal and at the bargaining table last Thursday, the bargaining team made it clear that an independent and survivor-centered process for workplace harassment and discrimination is an absolute top priority for GSWs.

USC admin’s counter on Immigration and Work Authorization was also unacceptable, similarly seeking to exempt immigration issues from the grievance process. Admin’s counterproposal on union security also sought to weaken the power of us workers to enforce our rights. USC admin wants to prevent GSWs from deciding to organize a union shop. A union shop would allow us workers to pool our resources, build the power necessary to enforce our contract, and bargain great future contracts. To learn more about the importance of a union shop, check out this helpful FAQ.

In solidarity,