I’m Stepp, a 4th year PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering. I’m excited to give an update on yesterday’s bargaining session. 

In this session we proposed 11 articles, and reached tentative agreements on 4 of them. These articles spanned a wide variety of topics, and the complete set of proposals, counter proposals, and Tentative Agreements (TAs) can be tracked via the bargaining portal (linked below). While we’re excited by this initial progress, we are still awaiting responses to several key proposals related to appointment security that will protect our rights as workers.

More information can be found on the Bargaining Tracker, but here’s a quick rundown of what happened at the last session: 

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for June 1st at 10am. Details on location and a form for signing up to attend the session will be sent out later this month. 

Yesterday’s agreements on training, personnel files, and workplace support ensure that materials and training required for GSWs to perform job duties are provided by USC and that GSWs are never forced to bear any related costs. So far, USC’s bargaining team has demonstrated a willingness to reach quick agreements on several issues, but have avoided negotiating or counter-proposing on issues related to GSW’s work responsibilities, job security, and compensation. It will be critical to continue to apply pressure on these issues, and demonstrate that these are priorities for GSWs.

To make sure every department is prepared, GSWOC is building out a network of  “Contract Campaign Coordinators” (CCCs) in every area (i.e., lab, cohort, etc.) of every department across USC. It’s essential that as many GSWs as possible are actively involved in bargaining, helping to relay info to/collect input from GSWs in our areas, and mobilizing our fellow GSWs for major bargaining-related actions.

Sign up here to be a CCC in your area!

In solidarity,
Stepp Mayes, Environmental Engineering