January 11, 2023

Earlier today, USC’s Vice Provost for Academic Programs sent out an email to all graduate student workers suggesting that forming a union would not be in our best interest, specifically with respect to stipends and benefits.

GSWs have been involved in forming GSWOC-UAW since 2016, and over the past eight months, a supermajority of GSWs — nearly 2200 of us across USC — expressed our support for forming a union by signing union authorization cards. Over 100,000 academic workers across the country are UAW members, representing roughly ¼ of UAW membership nationally. We are enthusiastic about our role in the national movement to dramatically improve higher education. GSWOC-UAW (Graduate Student Worker Organizing Committee – United Auto Workers) is by, of, and for USC graduate student workers (GSWs).

Over the past several months, we have had countless positive conversations with coworkers and colleagues about forming a union. In those conversations, the ability to negotiate wages with USC has consistently been one of the most important reasons for forming a union. In preliminary results from the Workplace Environment and Compensation survey, 78% of respondents (342 so far) have reported experiencing stress related to rent and other living expenses. 97% of respondents agree that Grad Student Workers should be paid a living wage, and a majority of GSWs report working 40 hours a week or more on teaching and research.

Furthermore, recent contracts at other universities demonstrate that collective bargaining works – for instance, at UCLA, under the recently ratified union contract a typical TA will see their salary increase from $23,246.50 for 9 months to $41,786.50 for 9 months by 10/1/2024, an 80% wage increase. At Columbia University, where GSWs are also unionized, the minimum salary is over $45,000. By forming a union, we are joining a nation-wide movement that is already raising standards for graduate worker compensation. 

With collective bargaining, we – as graduate student workers – will have the power to negotiate our wages with USC administrators as equals. But the message from the Vice Provost’s email is clear: Without a union, wage increases — and other essential benefits — will be entirely up to USC administration.

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In solidarity, 

Megan Cassingham, Chemistry
Stepp Mayes, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Julia Stal, Population and Public Health Sciences
Maggie Davis, Sociology