Sign an Authorization Card

Joining Together for a Better USC

Like thousands of academic employees across the country, we are forming a union to bargain collectively with USC and advocate more broadly for our common interests like improved wages and health benefits, protections from discrimination or abusive treatment, and rights and protections for visa holders.

Use the form to sign a union authorization card and be counted in the majority!

Without a Union:

  • USC is the final decision-maker on all aspects of wages, benefits and working conditions;
  • USC may consider input about USC Graduate Student Worker working conditions, but decides how and when to use that input;
  • USC can change working conditions without USC Graduate Student Workers’ agreement; and
  • USC rules and regulations can’t be easily enforced by individual USC Graduate Student Workers.

With a Union:

  • USC Graduate Student Workers choose a bargaining committee that gathers input from other USC Graduate Student Workers;
  • That bargaining committee negotiates a contract on equal footing with USC assisted by active participation of Graduate Student Workers;
  • That contract must be approved by a vote of USC Graduate Student Workers before it goes into effect;
  • That contract determines the terms and conditions of our employment and is binding and enforceable, usually by appeal to a neutral third party; and
  • USC Graduate Student Workers gain a stronger public voice, working with tens of thousands of other UAW members who lobby and engage elected officials to make improvements.