By a vote of 1599 Yes to 122 No, USC Grad Student Workers have voted resoundingly in favor of forming our union, GSWOC-UAW!

More information will be coming soon now that we have voted to form our union. Next steps will include electing a bargaining team, deciding on initial bargaining demands, and beginning to negotiate with USC administration. For now, a huge Thank You to everyone who participated in the NLRB election. Together, we have already generated an unprecedented conversation about our work and our working conditions.

In solidarity,

Ellen Herschel, Psychology
Megan Cassingham, Chemistry
Rao, Computer Engineering
Lynne Cherchia, Biomedical Engineering
Ana Iwataki, Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture
Selene Canter, Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture 
Edie Adams, Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture
Maile McCann, Civil Engineering
Andrew Stewart, Philosophy
Megha Devraj, Philosophy
Linds Wise, Mathematics 
Yoni Hirshberg, Cinema and Media Studies
Sulyab Thottungal Valapu, Computer Science
Tejas Srinivasan, Computer Science
Piril Nergis, Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Kritika Pandey, Sociology
Laboni Bhattacharya, Cinema and Media Studies
Hamsini Sridharan, Annenberg 
Ariel Vonk, Stem Cell/Programs in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Benjamin Zhang, Physics and Astronomy 
Pragya Arya, Psychology
Ian Anderson, Psychology
Sam Armon, Mathematics
Kyle Hulburd, Sociology
Cerianne Robertson, Annenberg 
Yiyang Fang, Occupational Science 
Tristan McPhail, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Jody Liu, Price
Morgan Lynch, Psychology
Maya Yanez, Earth Sciences
Brianna Birkel, Earth Sciences
Leslie Taylor, Psychology
Katie Googe, English
Brian Kim, Computer Science
Anna Arcaro, Civil Engineering
Nisarg P., Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture