My name is Maggie and I’m a PhD Candidate in Sociology, helping out with our union and serving as the Interim President of our new union, GSWOC-UAW Local 872. I’m emailing to let you know that the April 10th deadline for membership signup is only about three weeks away!


Membership Drive: This week is the Spring Membership Drive. From today through Friday, grad workers across USC are taking part in a major effort to organize our coworkers to join the union as dues-paying members if they haven’t signed up already! Every grad worker working as a TA, RA, AL, or internal STEM fellow must fill out the membership form or opt out of membership by April 10th. In addition, external STEM fellows and social sciences/humanities fellows are signing up as solidarity dues-paying members to grow the power of our union. 

On April 10th, USC administration will see, for the first time, how many grad workers have signed up for union membership. This is a major moment for us as newly unionized grad workers. After an overwhelming majority of grad workers signed union authorization cards, voted to form our union, engaged in mass action to win our first contract contract, and voted to ratify the contract, the next step for the majority of grad workers to join the union as dues-paying members.

Only with high membership can we, as grad workers, build the power to continue winning improvements to our working conditions here at USC. To learn more about membership, reach out to a leader in your department and consult the Membership FAQ.

Monthly Membership Meeting: The next Monthly Membership Meeting is next Friday, March 29th, at noon. The meeting will be held over Zoom. Grad workers will come together to discuss building our union’s power through organizing and elect members to serve on the election committee and bylaws committee. RSVP here to receive the Zoom link, and click here to see the agenda.

In solidarity,