My name is Stepp and I am a 4th year Research Assistant in the Environmental Engineering Department. I’m writing to please ask everyone to take a moment to read and add your name to the Initial Bargaining Demands!

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These demands outline core goals for bargaining with USC, including:

  • Fair Compensation and Benefits
  • Creating a Just and Equitable Workplace
  • Job Security and Workplace Rights for Student Workers
  • Union Rights

Initial bargaining demands present overall goals for bargaining to USC administration and guide the writing of specific proposals at the bargaining table. Fellow GSWs have been working diligently to research current USC policy, comparable academic union contracts, and the preliminary bargaining surveys, to develop these demands.

In collective bargaining with USC, our strength lies in our collective power. Signing onto these initial bargaining demands sends a strong message to USC administration that Grad Student Workers want improvements and are determined to win big changes. Click here to add your name.

Also, make sure to look out for emails from your department for area specific conversations about these demands. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive more regular union updates!

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, feel free to reply to this email. I’m happy to answer any questions and talk about why myself and others around USC are signing on to these demands.

In solidarity,
Stepp Mayes, Environmental Engineering

And the rest of the bargaining team

Sina Baharlouei, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Bryan Byrdlong, English
Maya Cratsley, Management and Organizations- Marshall
Megan Cassingham, Chemistry
Maggie Davis, Sociology
Sayan Ghosh, Computer Science
Anna Haynie,  Physics & Astronomy
Yoni Hirshberg, Cinema and Media Studies
Jackie Johnson, Cinema and Media Studies
Maile McCann, Civil Engineering
Piril Nergis, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Meg Tiller, Religion
Anna Weiss, Marine and Environmental Biology
Wes Wise, Mathematics